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The Dangers of Gender Bias in CRVS and Cause of Death Data: The Path to Health Inequality

This paper is one of twelve in a knowledge brief series on gender and CRVS that aims to uncover gender bias and barriers, share case studies and emerging findings, and recommend priority areas and solutions. Specifically, this is the third paper published in the third and final brief. Examines how CRVS systems’ death and cause of death reporting highlight significant inequalities and gender biases, even in high-functioning systems.

Download the full version of Brief 3 (4 papers) on Moving Beyond Making the Case: Actions Needed to Support CRVS Systems for Women and Children, or else visit to access all three briefs (12 papers).

Daniel Cobos Muñoz; Carmen Sant; Rebeca Revenga Becedas; Doris Ma Fat
Centre of Excellence for CRVS Systems
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