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Harnessing Data for Women’s Rights and Empowerment across the Life Course: Connecting Vital Events Registration and Gender Equality (ConVERGE)

21 April 2021

How can vital event registration support women’s rights and empowerment? On Wednesday April 21st from 1:00 -2:30 pm the Centre of Excellence for CRVS Systems was pleased to co-host a side-event with our partner the United Nations Population Fund as part of the United Nations’ Commission for Population and Development.

This side event shared recent field research insights and lessons learned from ConVERGE (“Connecting Vital Events Registration and Gender Equality”) - a joint multi-country initiative of the United Nations Population Fund and the Centre of Excellence on CRVS Systems. It highlighted the strategic value of inclusive civil registration and vital statistics systems and their foundational role in advancing gender equality and bodily autonomy.

The importance of vital event registration across the life course - from birth, including marriage, through to death - will be explored through specific country examples. Barriers to birth, marriage and death registration that disproportionately affect women and girls will be shared based on recent ConVERGE field research in Benin, Burkina Faso, Republic of Congo, Senegal, Morocco and Jordan. Keynote speakers and presenters will explore how vital statistics can and are being used to advance evidence and action to address gender-based sex selection, adolescent fertility, preventable maternal deaths and gender equality within marital unions. 

Speakers include:

  • Diene Keita, Deputy Executive Director, UNFPA
  • Jean Lebel, President, IDRC
  • Prisca Umugeni, Population Data Fellow in Benin
  • Ledy Manuela Mosquera Moreno, Executive Director & Midwife, ASOREDIPAR
  • Shannon Kowalski, Director of Advocacy and Policy, International Women's Health Coalition
  • Malatela Tuoane-Nkhasi, Senior Health Specialist, Global Financing Facility
  • Tarik Ali Khan, Director General, West and Central Africa, Global Affairs Canada
  • Nafissatou Diop, Chief of Gender and Human Rights Branch, UNFPA

The event will have English, French and Spanish translation. All are welcome. 

Watch the event recording